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So how do you get started? First off, all of our quotes are bespoke and tailored to suit your exact needs. So we will sit down with you first to really understand your business.

Then we will take you through our online quoting system step by step. Letting you choose only the services you actually need and more importantly, want. Next we provide you with a letter of engagement, giving you a clear indication of what we will provide and how we will provide it. Because we believe wholly in transparency and we don’t doubt our services for a second.

Our Packages

Annual Accounts
VAT Returns
Corporation Tax
Confirmation Statement
QuickBooks Online & Support
Online Document Storage Portal
Core plus...
Pre-Year and Tax Planning Review
Management Reports - Quarterly
Bank Reconcilliation
Core & Advanced plus...
Review Meeting - Quarterly
Tax free Protection Insurance
Auto Entry

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Why use Total Accounting ?

The Personal Touch

We love numbers but we won’t treat you like one.

We only work with reputable & established companies so we can offer a level of care like no other. We take a vested interest in your business because we want to help you to grow it. So much so that we recently reduced our client base from 300 down to 220. Why? Because we believe that in order to give the best service possible, it should be about quality over quantity. It might sound silly for an accountancy firm, but money isn’t what’s important to us. Every client is treated the same and receives the same level of service, regardless of budget.

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It just makes sense.

So why become our client? The clue is in our name. We take care of everything. We look after the sum ‘Total’ of your finances. We’ll look after all of your internal accounts and we’ll come to you for your quarterly board meetings.

We’ll always answer the phone when you have any questions and we’ll make sure that you always, always speak with a human. Not based in Scotland? We’ll get on a plane. Don’t have the time to meet? Then we’ll Skype.

Whatever you need from your accountant we can provide it for you. Along with a whole lot more.

We want to support you


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