Quickbooks vs. Xero

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Cloud technology is everywhere. In fact, the vast majority of us will use some form of cloud technology on a daily basis, whether that’s through a Google Calendar, storing files via Dropbox or even simply browsing through Facebook. Cloud technology basically refers to any software which enable its users to access shared storage, networks or applications through various devices.

These technologies have revolutionised the way the world works and the way in which people exchange information, especially within the accounting and finance industry. In fact, it’s cloud technology that has been the driving force behind Making Tax Digital (MTD) – which refers to the mass digitisation of the taxation system across the UK. With cloud-based business accounting software, such as Xero and Quickbooks, becoming ever more important to businesses large and small, there’s never been a better time to fully get to grips with Cloud Based Technology.

The burning question is, which is best? Which software is most efficient within its purpose and functionality? What should your business invest in and rely upon for its tax upkeep? We’re here to answer those questions and to help you delve properly into the pros and cons behind the two different software options – determining which is best for your business.


Quickbooks is very much the flagship of accounting software, particularly when it comes to small and medium sized businesses. Quickbooks currently hold 80% of the small-business market share within the industry, firmly establishing them as the reigning market leader by a considerable margin. But why is this?

First and foremost, Quickbooks was the first on the scene of digital accounting. Their early entrance into the market has bode in their favour throughout their continued success, allowing them to become closely associated with small-business accounting. This reputation has certainly contributed to the success of Quickbooks but when it comes to the actual functionality of the software… does it still come out on top?


There’s also Xero to consider. Xero offer a similar digital accounting software service to that of Quickbooks and since their emergence into the accounting world, have steadily built up a customer base that has established themselves as a key player within the industry.

Xero allow their customers to process online invoicing, inventory tracking and purchase ordering all with the help of smart reconciliation and a mobile application that allows customers to carry out these tasks wherever or whenever they need to. This has helped Xero accumulate a user base of 1,000,000 people and it currently stands as the primary accounting solution for over 16,000 accounting firms.

In fact for the most part, both of these accounting software providers offer a very similar service in terms of both function and quality. So why do we choose Quickbooks?

The key reason behind our preference for Quickbooks is reliability. Quickbooks have been in the industry the longest and have unquestionably got the most experience. We place a lot of stock on their knowledge to ensure that great service is at the forefront of our digital accountancy. In addition to this experience, Quickbooks is extremely easy to use on both desktop and mobile, which is perfect for our business and client needs. The accessibility that Quickbooks offer enables our clients to view, edit and understand their digital accounts from any device they like. It allows a truly modern accounting experience where things can be found with the click of a button – as opposed to having to contact your accountant and then wait for them to find the expense you are enquiring into – which Quickbooks allows you to do independently.

Along with continued, immediate support from your Total Accounting advisor, Quickbooks is our tried and tested method of software. Our expertise in this software quickly led to us becoming an online Advanced Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor. So it’s fair to say that we believe very strongly in this fantastic product.

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