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Relieve yourself of the burden of bookkeeping with our complete accounting service 

Total Accounting working with the Motor Industry for over 15 years.

We will convert your accounting data to a cloud-based accounting system, and that’s just the start; we then add cloud-based apps to streamline your data capture and processing. Imagine accessing every receipt online, seeing your bank account in real time, and reviewing your Profit & Loss from anywhere.  We bring your data to life, providing you with a visual performance overview enabling the partners to identify issues within the company before they become an issue.

Accounts & Self Assessment

Our average turnaround time for preparing final accounts is thirty working days from the year-end. We meet with you to fully explain your accounts, tax and personal tax to ensure you are on the right track for the year ahead. Everything is then securely stored on your cloud-based portal for you to access.

Full Finance Function

We can absorb all of you financial function with very little input from you. With this essential task outsourced to experts, it frees up your time to focus on your clients. We collect and process all of your data on a cloud-based accounting system that we provide and securely store all of your data to access from any device at any point.

Suppliers & Bank

We collect and process all of your supplier invoices using our DEXT app. A copy is attached to each transaction in QuickBooks so you don’t need to keep a copy. We advise you on who to pay and how much. Your bank transactions are updated on QuickBooks every day to ensure you records are always right up to date. 

Management Accounts

We bring your garage data to life, providing you with a detailed performance overview. Finally, get to fully understand your profit margins, KPI’s and have visibility of your overheads. You also get a detailed report that we go over with you in detail to ensure you really know how your business is performing.


Running a payroll can be time-consuming and complicated. Total Accounting is here to take that responsibility off your hands. Our multi-award-winning cloud-based payroll solution provides your staff with a secure APP to access their payslips, personal details and holidays.



We are QuickBooks Platinum ProAdvisors and we provide QuickBooks to all of our clients. In additional to this we provide you DEXT to capture your expenses. All your staff get a payroll APP to store their data. There are loads more APPS that we regularly use to streamline your business.